Swiss: innovative and reliable

Child holding a Swiss flag

We live in this country and love it here.

Switzerland stands for certain qualities – Swiss products are known to be high-quality, reliable and durable. Since Switzerland has virtually no mineral resources, such as oil or metals, we have had to be innovative to compete. Science and technology play an important role in our economy, and we are proud to be part of this tradition. But Switzerland also has breathtaking landscapes, glittering mountain lakes, and clean air. So, the Swiss are naturally concerned that economic activity should have as little impact possible on the environment.

Switzerland is also an essential part of the Zizzz story – it was while skiing in the Swiss Alps that the idea of using wool in our baby sleeping bags came to us. In addition, Swisswool, the primary material we use, is a product unique to Switzerland.

It is for these reasons that our logo shares the same colors as the Swiss flag.