Comfort: baby sleeps better, and so do you

Warm and comfortable baby sleeping bags made from organic cotton and Swisswool

Comfortable babies sleep for longer and more restfully, so their parents do too

At Zizzz, we use carefully selected and researched materials in all our baby sleeping bags. Every time we design a new bag, we always have baby’s comfort in mind.

Good sleep is crucial for your baby's brain development. So creating the right conditions for sleep will benefit your baby and you have the added peace of mind that they are sleeping safely.


Non-toxic: for a healthy and happy future

Toxins are everywhere and they can be harmful to your baby’s mental and physical development, even in tiny amounts. Babies are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals than adults are. At Zizzz, we select our fabrics to create a pure, safe and healthy sleep environment.

Our designers decided to use only soft and silky biological cotton for the inner lining of our baby sleeping bags. It is grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and is kinder to your skin.

Farmers have to use large amounts of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to grow normal cotton. These chemicals cause environmental harm. Traces of these chemicals can stay in the fibers and could cause allergies, breathing difficulties and other health problems.

Did you know that wool is a natural fire-extinguisher? So even though our baby sleeping bags meet all international safety standards, we don’t need to use fire retardant to treat Swisswool. Many synthetic fabrics have to be treated with toxic fire retardants in order to comply with baby safety standards. Their use has been linked to cancer and reduced fertility.


Easy to use – guaranteed

Our baby sleeping bags are for everyday use and the materials we use are easy to clean and maintain. You can machine wash our sleeping bags at 30 degrees. We take care of the details, too.


Did you know that wool naturally resists the build-up of odours? It doesn't become smelly like synthetics. Wool stays fresh even without washing.