Quality: a premium product at a fair price

Zizzz Lucky star products, for which a fair price is asked

As we said above, our first product line was made to be used by babies, the most precious thing in the world. But we also believe all our customers deserve the best quality that we can possibly give you. To ensure the excellence of our products, only use organic and natural fabrics of exceptional quality and we produce in Europe and Switzerland. Of course, this has a price. When we first started, we quickly realized selling our products through traditional retail channels made our prices too high. The solution we found to this problem was to sell our products to our clients directly through the internet.
This allows us to cut out intermediaries, such as distributors, who drive up prices. We also have no need to visit expensive trade fairs to gain new retailers as customers. So, we deliver you a locally-sourced, organic and sustainable product for the price of a typical premium brand product, many of which cannot make the same claims. We believe this is the way forward: a one-on-one relationship between Zizzz and our customers. This business model allows us to keep prices affordable, handle product orders and customer service directly, and communicate with our customers as efficiently as possible. Finally, cheap products are often more expensive in the long run, as they don’t last long and need to be replaced. Cheap products also carry hidden environmental costs, which our children will one day have to pay.