Zizzz - Our Company Values

Honest: transparent and traceable

Zizzz products have a QR code that allows them to trace the origins of our natural and organic products

From the sheep we use for our wool to the packaging our products are sent in, our aim is that our customers can trace every step in the Zizzz supply chain. Why do we do this? You will (hopefully!) be spending six to eight hours per night in our products, your babies even more. We want you to trust that the product in which you are spending so much of your time is truly made of organic and natural materials.

We have nothing to hide – quite the opposite! As such, many of our products bear a QR code, which allows our customers to trace the origins of the Swisswool and cotton used, as well as the factory where it was made. We are proud of our partners, all of whom are Swiss or European and most of whom are family-owned businesses. We visit our partners on a frequent basis; they have become part of the Zizzz family

Quality: a premium product at a fair price

Zizzz Lucky star products,  for which a fair price is asked

As we said above, our first product line was made to be used by babies, the most precious thing in the world. But we also believe all our customers deserve the best quality that we can possibly give you. To ensure the excellence of our products, only use organic and natural fabrics of exceptional quality and we produce in Europe and Switzerland. Of course, this has a price. When we first started, we quickly realized selling our products through traditional retail channels made our prices too high. The solution we found to this problem was to sell our products to our clients directly through the internet.

This allows us to cut out intermediaries, such as distributors, who drive up prices. We also have no need to visit expensive trade fairs to gain new retailers as customers. So, we deliver you a locally-sourced, organic and sustainable product for the price of a typical premium brand product, many of which cannot make the same claims. We believe this is the way forward: a one-on-one relationship between Zizzz and our customers. This business model allows us to keep prices affordable, handle product orders and customer service directly, and communicate with our customers as efficiently as possible. Finally, cheap products are often more expensive in the long run, as they don’t last long and need to be replaced. Cheap products also carry hidden environmental costs, which our children will one day have to pay.

Sustainable: organic and local

Zizzz baby sleeping bag with natural Swisswool filling

We make products for our children and future generations, but don’t want to destroy the world to do so. So, we use organic and bio materials in our products - the first step in the Zizzz supply chain starts with sheep grazing in the Swiss Alps, not in a petroleum refinery. This is because our products are made of wool and cotton, not polyester, which is an oil and plastic-based product.

Our production and manufacture take place as locally as possible, to reduce both the financial and environmental costs of transportation. You may not know this, but the transportation industry is now the largest carbon emitter in the world – 16 of the world’s largest ships produce as much pollution as all the cars of the world combined!

Sustainable development is more than just environmental sustainability – it also includes social development and responsibility. Our logistical partner in Switzerland is the Buergerspital in Basel, which helps re-integrate disabled people into the general workforce. Not only do our partners at Buesbi do a great job handling our logistics, but they also perform an important social mission at no added cost to the consumer.

Swiss: innovative and reliable

Child holding a Swiss flag

We live in this country and love it here.

Switzerland stands for certain qualities – Swiss products are known to be high-quality, reliable and durable. Since Switzerland has virtually no mineral resources, such as oil or metals, we have had to be innovative to compete. Science and technology play an important role in our economy, and we are proud to be part of this tradition. But Switzerland also has breathtaking landscapes, glittering mountain lakes and clean air. So, the Swiss are naturally concerned that economic activity should have as little impact possible on the environment.

Switzerland is also an essential part of the Zizzz story – it was while skiing in the Swiss Alps that the idea of using wool in our baby sleeping bags came to us. In addition, Swisswool, the primary material we use, is a product unique to Switzerland.

It is for these reasons that our logo shares the same colors as the Swiss flag.

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