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  • All our duvets are filled with 290g/m2 Swisswool. The thickness is light enough for the summer and heavy enough for the winter, making it ideal year-round.
  • Our pure virgin wool comes from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. We cover our wool with an organic satin cotton, which makes the duvet very soft to the touch.

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4 Good reasons to buy a Swisswool duvet

There are four excellent reasons to buy our Swisswool duvets: they’re made in Switzerland, all-natural, ethical, and – most importantly - will help you sleep better.

Made in Switzerland

Our Swisswool is a Swiss product, made from pure virgin wool shorn from sheep raised in the Swiss Alps. The wool is then reinforced with natural plant fibres, so that you can put it in the washing machine. We then cover it with a soft FairTrade cotton batiste.
Zizzz is a Swiss company and we try to manufacture in Switzerland as much as possible. Swiss consumers know that Swiss products are known for being very high quality, and that by buying a Swiss product, you are supporting the local economy.

100% natural

We don’t use polyester or any other synthetic fibres and can’t understand why anyone else would.
Our duvets are natural – only a fine cotton batiste and Swisswool. Batiste is a very soft weave; the thread count of our batiste is 250, which means it is very high quality.
By buying a Swisswool product, you are helping to maintain Switzerland’s Alpine landscape, as the grazing of the sheep herds helps to prevent erosion. Also, well-managed grazing helps reduce levels of carbon dioxide and may help reduce the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


When it comes to duvets, consumers generally have a choice between synthetic fibres, down and wool.
Synthetic fibres are generally made from polyester, which is derived from oil and is a type of plastic. In fact, most polyester is made from PET, which is the same material plastic Coke bottles are made of. PET isn’t biodegradable and once created, will stay on the planet forever.
Unlike polyester, down is a natural material, but the manner in which is obtained can be very troubling. It is true that it is possible to find down duvets that are ethically sourced, but at the end of the day, we believe that wool is a superior material for comforters.
But there is more to ethical business than just sourcing. For example, our logistics partner in Switzerland is the Buergerspital in Basel. The Buespi is a social and medical company which works to integrate handicapped individuals back into the workforce.

Better sleep – the most important reason to buy a Swisswool duvet

Why do we believe in wool? Wool is temperature-regulating, because it is breathable and readily absorbs moisture – qualities which make it perfect to sleep in.
A frequent cause of poor sleep is the feeling of being overheated at night. When you feel too hot in bed, it’s generally caused by moisture build-up between you and your duvet, in other words, by the accumulation of your sweat.
This is why wool is great – wool fibres can absorb up to 35% of their weight in moisture. The fibres that come into contact with heat and moisture draw this away from your body and transfer it to their other fibres, which keeps you drier and feeling cool.
This is a claim that down and polyester duvets can’t make. In fact, the University of Leeds published a study which showed that wool “allowed 67 per cent more moisture to escape over an eight-hour period than a feather/down wadding, and 43 per cent more than polyester.”

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