What is Renforcé bedding?

What is Renforcé bedding?


Renforcé bedding is one of the most popular types of bedding available, because it is very durable and feels comfortable on the skin. But what exactly is Renforcé bedding and what are some of its most important features?

In this article, we will first clarify the typical questions people ask about Renforcé bedding. Next, we will inform you about the differences between Renforcé and other fabrics. Finally, we offer our advice as to what you should consider when buying. You can read more about the production of this bed linen type, as well as some typical reviews.


What is Renforcé bedding and how is it made?

Like many other types of bedding, Renforcé is made from cotton. Cotton is often used for bed linens because it is very easy to spin and also easy to dye. Compared to other fabrics, it’s relatively simple to process cotton and requires little effort.

Since cotton is a natural fiber, it’s biodegradable. Cotton is also ideal as bedding for allergy sufferers, as it is extremely friendly on the skin and low in allergens. In addition, it is durable and therefore perfectly suitable for children.

Organic Cotton BeddingCotton is very easy to care for and is also machine washable. Furthermore, cotton can absorb up to eighty percent of its own weight in water, which means that it can take in a great deal of sweat and release it to the outside when you sleep at night. This is especially important due to the fact that we lose up to one liter of sweat per night. Cotton’s many advantages make it an extremely suitable material for bed linens and clothing.

Renforcé is the name of a standard cotton weave. The word Renforcé comes originally from the French and means 'reinforced'. Produced with the plain weave, Renforcé is one of the three basic weaving methods, along with the satin weave and twill weave.

Plain weave

The plain weave is woven quite densely, because each warp thread is placed alternately over a weft thread. With twill, the weft passes under the warp thread and then over at least two warp threads. With the satin weave, the weft also passes under one warp thread and then over more than two warp threads. The unique structure of parallel weft threads gives satin a special shine when exposed to light.

Renforcé is a medium-fine and very soft weave. Due to the structure of the plain weave, the top side of the fabric looks the same as the bottom. In addition to making the material very tear-resistant, it creates an ideal surface for printing. Besides being used for bedding, the Renforcé is also often used to make clothes, especially for children.


The features of Renforcé bedding

In addition durability, Renforcé bedding has other unique features that make it so popular. As already mentioned, cotton’s breathability means it can absorb moisture very well and release it to the outside. Furthermore, Renforcé bedding is able to balance the temperature and thus prevents heat from accumulating under the blanket.

Due to its smooth surface, even colorful and detailed motifs can be printed on bedding or clothing made with the Renforcé weave. This is another reason why Renforcé bedding is so popular as a material for children's bedding.

Here you will find an overview of the most important features of Renforcé bedding: pleasantly soft feeling on the skin Skin-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers very hard-wearing and durable = ideal for children's bedding can absorb moisture well can equalize temperatures and prevent heat accumulation genuine Renforcé bedding is 100% cotton easy to clean


Is Renforcé bedding better as summer or winter bedding?

Whether we sleep well or poorly in the summer can be greatly influenced by the bed linens we sleep with. In the summer, we obviously start sweating much faster at night and are more likely to wake up more often in a sweat. In this case, it is especially important to buy the right bedding.

Renforcé bedding is a very popular choice for summer bedding. The smooth surface creates a pleasant cooling effect on the skin. However, Renforcé bedding can also be used all year round with no problems, as the fabric provides for very good temperature balance. This keeps the heat away from our body in the summer, but allows it to be stored under the blanket in the winter, so we don’t get cold so often.


How should Renforcé bedding be washed?

Renforcé bedding can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees. Before putting it in the wash, you should first read the washing instructions on the item’s label, as some supposedly Renforcé bedding actually contains other fabrics.

To prevent its colors and design from fading, you can turn the duvet cover inside out before washing it. Since Renforcé is durable, you can put the duvet cover in the dryer afterwards. Since cotton duvet covers can absorb a lot of moisture, you should make extra sure that your Renforcé duvet cover is really dry after washing it.

If you hang the sheets outside, you should also make sure that the covers are turned inside out, the UV light from the sun can cause the colors to fade. You should also avoid using bleaching additives when choosing the detergent.


What do people say about Renforcé bedding?

Renforcé bedding is available in an incredible range of colors and patterns, so there truly is something for everyone! It is especially suitable for children, as it is very tear-resistant and can be used for several years without any problems. Pure Renforcé feels very soft on the skin and does not cause any allergies or skin irritations, which is why Renforcé is suitable as bedding for allergy sufferers.

Renforcé can be used in both summer and winter and duvet covers made from Renforcé can be machine washed and tumble-dried.


What to consider before you make a purchase 

When buying new Renforcé duvet covers, you should make sure that they are made from 100% pure cotton. Many stores offer blended weaves or even bedding made entirely from synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are often made from petroleum and are not only harmful to the environment but also to us, as they can contain toxic substances.

In addition, synthetic fabrics release microfibres when they are machine washed, which are then released into the environment as microplastics via sewage treatment plants. Renforcé should be made from pure cotton; preferably from cotton which has been grown organically. On the farms on which conventional cotton is grown, chemical pesticides are used which can cause skin irritation.

So when shopping for your bedding, make sure to choose products which have been approved by GOTS, IVN or Fairtrade.


The difference between percale and Renforcé bedding

Percale bedding is quite similar to Renforcé, but is woven more finely than and therefore extremely soft on the skin. Both fabrics are made of 100% cotton and are produced with the plain weave. Since the weaving of percale is a bit more elaborate and time-consuming, it is also usually a bit more expensive than Renforcé. Which bedding you choose in the end should be based on how soft you like your bedding.


Percale and satin bedding at Zizzz

We offer you bedding made from pure, organic cotton, which has been awarded the GOTS seal. You can choose between percale bedding and satin bedding, both of which are high-quality materials. We also offer matching pillowcases and fitted sheets in the same colors.

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