Questions About Our Duvets

Man and child underneath a Zizzz duvet

What is the difference between wool, down and synthetics?

Down and synthetics are primarily insulators - they keep the body hot and don't release heat. During the night, these insulators raise our body temperature, which makes us feel hot. So, we either wake up fully or toss and turn to cool off. If you ever woke up feeling sweaty, this is likely why.

Wool is not just an insulator; it also acts as a temperature regulator. Wool naturally absorbs and releases moisture to either cool or warm your body. You get warm quickly when you sleep in wool, but thanks to the fabric’s exceptional breathability, you do not overheat.

What are the advantages of a Zizzz duvet with Swisswool?

Our Duvets with Swisswool are light and airy. They provide a very comfortable sleeping climate all year round. The unique temperature regulating qualities of wool will help you to wake up fresh every morning.

Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic, highly- breathable and it doesn't attract dust. Down and feather tend to attract dust and dirt, as well as dust mites. Dust mites do not like wool because of the way wool breathes. The wool in the duvet stays drier than other fillings. The lower the humidity, the less comfortable the environment for dust mites.

Our duvet is also machine-washable.

Is a duvet with Swisswool itchy?

No, the Swisswool itself is not itchy. On top of that our Swisswool is covered with a very fine, fair-trade cotton batiste. It has a very soft and smooth feel.

Can I wash my Zizzz Swisswool duvet?

Yes, you can wash a Zizzz Swisswool duvet in your washing machine with absolutely no problem. Just be sure to use the wool program and a wool detergent.

The only thing you should not do is using a dryer. Wool doesn’t like that.

Do you have different weights?

All our duvets are filled with 280g/sqm Swisswool. This is an average weight.

For most people living in a house with central heating, it will be ideal all year round. Of course, those really hot summer nights when you sleep without anything are an exception.

Do you have different sizes?

For adults, we currently have eight sizes:

For children, we have two available sizes:

Where are your duvets made?

Our Zizzz duvets with Swisswool for adults and children are made in Portugal.