Baby sleeping bags 6-24 months

Baby sleeping bag with wool and bio cotton for summer and winter

  • The baby sleeping bag 6-24 Months is our best selling product.

  • It has a double zip that allows changing diapers without even removing the sleeping bag.

  •  An opening on the back allows you to take your baby in a stroller or car seat. This makes it easy to transfer your baby straight into his bed when you arrive home.

  • Swisswool helps regulate your baby’s temperature for better sleep

  • 100% natural materials: Swisswool and cotton

Carmen with swiss wool from zizzz duvet

Bio-cotton to avoid allergies

We use soft and silky BIO cotton for our inner lining. So no chance that traces of chemical pesticides could cause allergies. The cotton is not dyed to keep it as pure as possible.

Baby sleeping bags four seasons

One bag - four seasons

Wool helps to regulate body temperature, so you can use our bags the whole year. Warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Fundamental for good sleep. If your baby sleeps better so do you.

travel feature baby sleeping bag

Travel comfortably

Take the kids with you. Our bag size 6-24 months has a great travel feature. They will feel at home while asleep in their bag in a car seat or in the stroller. Easy to use everywhere you go.

washable Swiss wool inside

Machine Washable

Swisswool is an ecological material made with virgin sheep wool. It is machine washable thanks to a patented process. The advantages of natural wool fibres combined with easy care.

Carmen with Swiss wool from duvet

Adjustable neck-size

Not all baby's are the same. That's why our baby sleeping bags for 0-6 month olds have an adjustable neck size. A better fit means more comfort for your little one.

Baby sleep bag chin protection

Comfort is in the details

We care about comfort and always look to improve the smallest details. No scratchy label in the neck, chin protection and long zippers for easy nappy changing during the night are just some examples.