New Year's Resolution : Get More Sleep

New Year's Resolution : Get More Sleep

Doing something for your health and getting adequate sleep – those are probably the most popular resolutions for the New Year. Considering the importance of good sleep, this makes perfect sense.

Sleep enhances performance - whatever you resolve to accomplish in 2016, you will need to keep up the energy to perform. When you're well-rested, you will be better able to cope with any situation. Whether it’s better eating habits or more patience with the kids, for all these challenges you need concentration and attention. A good basis for this is approximately seven hours of sleep each night.


One thing after the other

It's not a good idea to try to tackle many resolutions at once. It can be surprisingly difficult to muster the self-control and willpower needed to change deeply ingrained habits. Around 88% of all New Year's resolutions are never implemented. One of the reasons is that at the turn of the year people tend to select too many goals at once: losing weight, reduce stress, continue with education, sufficient sleep - we propose to achieve all of that on top of our stressful daily lives. There are studies that show that people can fulfill their intentions better if they do not propose to do too many different things at once. Unexpected fatigue, hunger or stress at work can be enough to make you lose sight of your goal. It is better to spread out one’s projects over several months, instead of trying to start everything in January.


You can’t eat while you’re asleep

One of the tricks to be able to stop bad habits is distracting yourself. Again, sleep plays a role in this: you have the urge for a snack after dinner? How about a cozy nap instead? Sleep more, eat less.


Well-Rested and Focused

In order to get sufficient sleep, learning about so-called sleep hygiene is a good starting point. What incentive was missing in the past that would have made you go to bed early? Often there are circumstances in your sleeping environment such as a wrong mattress or the wrong room temperature, which make your place to sleep less attractive without you being aware of it. Lying down in the evening should be perceived as absolutely pleasant. Do not put yourself under pressure to fall asleep but instead try to enjoy relaxing in the dark under a silky soft duvet of your choice. Make sure you do not sweat at night. Use best natural pollution-free materials for mattress and duvet. At Zizzz you are in good hands. We do not produce just any duvet but watch carefully which materials we use in order to optimize your sleeping environment. Natural wool is ideal to dissipate moisture, so that you do not sweat. In addition, the material is ecological and incomparably soft and cozy.