Good sleep protects you from pain

Good sleep protects you from pain

Unfortunately, with age, pain in nerves, muscles, and bones gets more common. Sleep and pain are related to each other in a complex way. The exact relationship has not yet been fully understood by science. However, it is likely a vicious circle: Poor sleep leads to pain, which in turn leads to insomnia.

Good, comforting sleep prevents pain because it lowers the tipping point for pain. Researchers at Keele University in the UK have completed one study of people aged 50+ because in this age group pain of unknown causes occurs most frequently. They wanted to find out what contributes to the development of pain. The study concluded that poor sleep is one of the most important criteria and a telltale for the development of pain. Other factors include anxiety, poor health and the poor quality of life associated with these conditions. Poor sleep might increase the risk for fibromyalgia and arthritis. There are also cases in which poor sleep can contribute to the chronicity of pain.


A good night's sleep protects from pain and helps you perform in life

But also in younger years, a good night's sleep is important for pain relief. The Harvard University has examined the relationship between sleep quality and pain in nurses. The study concluded that the relationship between pain and sleep is very strong and scientifically measurable. Good and sufficient sleep time is important for performance at work as well as for pain relief. A restful night provides comfort and makes you feel better in your body.

Just one night of poor sleep increases pain intensity, which in turn can disturb sleep. We all want to age in a healthy and pain-free way and we can do something to achieve this by giving our loved ones and ourselves the gift of undisturbed sleep insufficient length and depth to help prevent pain and also mood disorders in old age. A bedtime routine, adequate exercise, and healthy eating can help in improving sleep quality, as well as the ideal temperature range and a quiet and dark bedroom. Of course, the right choice of mattress, a comfortable duvet, and a comfortable pillow also play a decisive role.