6 sleep positions and what they mean

6 sleep positions and what they mean

On your stomach, hands above your head? On your back? In the fetal position?

Yes, we all have our best technique to drift off to sleep in no time. What if your favorite position to go to sleep revealed aspects of your personality? 

Experts have played with this idea since the beginning of the 21st century. There are numerous existing theories, and we have chosen to present professor Chris Idzikowski's theory. He is a sleep specialist, and his theory inspired a BBC article.


1. Fetal position

Curling up in the fetal position would indicate sensitivity, a certain shyness that dissipates quickly when meeting another person. It's the most common position, and did you know that it's predominantly chosen by women ?


2. On your stomach

Head turned to one side, hands encircling the pillow sleep stomach position: This is supposedly the position of friendly and asserted personalities, that can at times also be nervous and sensitive, easily angered by criticism.


3. On your side, arms forward

Again, a social personality but this time with a hint of cynicism. Enthusiasts of this position take their time, and rarely look back on their choices.


4. Soldier’s position

This one is also pretty common : sleeping straight on your back, arms alongside your body. It’s mostly associated with calm and serious personalities. Not necessarily very extroverted, those who sleep in this position have a lot of consideration for others. 


5. On your side, arms alongside your body

Also widely used, this position allegedly translates into a social personality, easy to talk to and trusting, and that can sometimes be gullible.


6. The starfish

This position is quite rare. Its adepts are supposedly very good friends, very generous, always there to lend an ear, and uncomfortable being the center of attention. 

So, do you recognize yourself ??